The Heart Neckpiece is made of oxidised sterling silver. This piece is a unique exhibiton work featuring 23 chain drops in varying lengths and 9 forged pendants, some of which are grain set with round green tourmalines. The chain is hand made with each link fused together.

The concept behind this unique work was to create something that while not being symmetrical is still balanced in appearance and when worn. Just like an ancient artefact that may not be intact after a long history it may have suffered loss or damage on its journey to us. We can glimpse at what it may have looked like when it was new but its current incarnation in the present moment is perfect, complete and whole.

Made as part of the 'Black' exhibition. This exhibition explored the possibilities and meaning of Black.

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fused link chain

146 grams of sterling silver

oxidised patina (blackened)

forged pendants

green tourmalines

finished length approximately 68cms

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This neckpiece is hand made. A feature of Vikki Kassioras jewellery pieces is that they are designed to individualise through wear by their owner. Oxidisation or blackening is a surface patina that will naturally change and wear away over time.

The technique of fusing utilises the natural properties of sterling silver. Each link is overlapped and carefully heated to the point just before melting. This bonds the metal and produces a strong join without the use of solder. The use of fusing to make jewellery was utilised by many ancient cultures but the Etruscans undoubtedly made the finest examples.