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Made from sterling silver the ‘Meteora’ chain has become one of Vikki’s statement pieces. Each link is hand made, fused and meticulously filed and finished. The hook like catch slides easily into place making the chain adjustable in length with the clasp able to be worn at the front side or back depending on your preference. The name Meteora means ‘suspended in the air’ and is named after the monolithic rock formations in central Greece.

Each chain is hand made so variations to the one pictured may occur making each Meteora chain unique.

With wear the Meteora’s matte silver finish will slowly polish up. A feature of Vikki Kassioras jewellery pieces is that they are designed to individualise through wear by their owner. The matte white surface on these chains is produced through a process of heating followed by quenching the work. It is not intended to be permanent so over time matte pieces will become beautifully polished.


hand made fused link chain

matte silver finish

50cms in length or 60cms (other lengths can be ordered please email us for a quote)

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The technique of fusing utilises the natural properties of sterling silver. Each link is overlapped and carefully heated to the point just before melting. This bonds the metal and produces a strong join without the use of solder. The use of fusing to make jewellery was utilised by many ancient cultures but the finest examples were undoubtedly made by the Etruscans.